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It’s an exciting time to be making music – the days where you had to go through a label to get yourself heard are gone. Anyone with talent and drive can launch themselves online through streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. The world is yours to take! Every day more than 70.000 songs are uploaded to Spotify alone. How do you make sure you stand out from the crowd with your music? You need to sound as professional and original as you possibly can. Without great sounding mixes or fantastic music production, you’re one click away of being skipped over. This is where you need a great online mix engineer and producer. 



Fresh ears

You’ve worked on your song forever. As a mix engineer I have a fresh perspective on your material and will bring out the best in your tracks.

I'm a composer

I know the shaping forces in music inside out and I know how to make them work for your song in a mix.


Because I use streamlined templates, my workflow is structured and efficient. I can usually send you a first draft of your mix within a couple of working days.


I offer affordable flat-fee mixing rates that include vocal tuning, timing corrections and unlimited revisions. We won’t stop tweaking until you’re 100% happy!

Check out some Before / After Examples:

Alaina Blair - Love It Or Leave It (before mixing)
Alaina Blair - Love It Or Leave It (after mixing)
Love Sick Radio - I'm Not Dead Yet (before mixing)
Love Sick Radio - I'm Not Dead Yet (after mixing)
Hughes & Kettner Amp Demo (before mixing)
Hughes & Kettner Amp Demo (after mixing)

Listen to more GIELSTAR mixes

How does online mixing work?

1) Fill out the contact form

Tell me all about your project and your needs. I’ll get back to you by email with a price quote.

2) Chat on Facetime / Whatsapp / Skype

Let’s get to know one another and talk about your project and expectations.

3) Send your files - > Receive first draft

After I receive your multitracks, I start mixing. Once I'm happy I'll send you the first draft of the mix. Take some time to listen to the mix(es) and listen on a couple of different speakers. Make a list of anything you feel that needs to be changed.

4) Revisions

We’ll repeat this process until your head is bobbing and you are 100% happy.

5) Mastering

I’ll send off the finished mix(es) for mastering. Once mastered, your music is ready to be released and to win over the world!


Do you need help shaping your ideas? I’m not only a mix engineer – as an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist I have the skills to help you write your songs and provide anything from beats, guitar parts, arrangements or even full orchestrations. When it comes to expressing the things that matter to you most in a song, it’s great to have someone on your side who is fluent in melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and structural development. I can give you as much help as you need: from advice as a second pair of ears to full-on music production. Whether you want to do a single song, an EP or a full album production, I’m happy to help. 

Here are a couple of options:


You supply the melody, harmony and lyrics, I do the rest. I will take your song and record a full production in whatever style we see fit. Only have a melody or only lyrics? Let's develop the song together.


Something missing from your arrangement but you don't know what? I can offer suggestions and supply extra:
Guitar parts
Bass Lines

Drum Programming

String arrangements
Horn Arrangements
Full orchestral arrangements and recording


You supply the multitracks, I will completely rethink your song and give you my original take on it.
Ready to go on a trip?


Full production and songwriting:

classical and orchestral compositions:

Complete Remix:

Little Empire - Too Bad (GIELSTAR Remix)
Little Empire - Too Bad (Warren Huart Production)


I don’t master my own mixes – I prefer to hire an external top mastering engineer for my projects. For the simple reason that I deeply value having someone else, with another pair of objective ears, to tell me if I’ve done the absolute best I can do on a mix. Besides that, mastering is an art form that is ultimately best left to a specialist. It’s the last 5% in the production process that will put the cherry on top of the cake, and another discipline altogether. I have a few fantastic mastering engineers in my network who do a wonderful job of providing feedback and finalising my mixes. 

It’s important to have a clear line of communication between the mixing and mastering engineer. I’m blessed to have found engineers that are completely on the same wavelength as I am and who deliver top-notch results. This allows me to take care of the whole process from mixing to mastering for my clients.


Hi, I’m Giel Vleggaar and I’m a composer, arranger, producer and mix engineer. I’ve been in the music business for over 25 years, first playing guitar, bass and keyboards in bands, then gradually moving to recording and producing in my home studio. As a kid I wanted to be both a classical composer and a rock star. My pursuit of classical music led me to a career as an orchestral composer with many high-profile commissions. I’ve composed music for concert halls, commercials, TV, film and theatre. You can check out some of my music on this site and on Spotify. In recent years my focus has shifted to pop music. I’m a recording artist under the name Gil Fletcher and I will release my self-produced debut album Fletcherama in 2019.

As a mix engineer  I like bold and outspoken productions with lots of attitude. But I feel all is fair in music: whatever gets the song across best is the right approach! It doesn’t matter if that means big cinematic 80s production or creating a small and intimitate world. When we’re making the soundtrack to our lives, anything goes. I’ve been inspired and influenced by industry greats such as Andrew Scheps, Michael Brauer and Billy Decker. I’ve sought out advice and coaching from producer Warren Huart in Los Angeles as a member of the Produce Like a Pro Academy. 

One of the best things we can do in life is to aid others in their pursuit of excellence and succes. I’m looking forward to work on your music!

Some of the Tools I use:

I mix 100% in the box using Steinberg’s Cubase Pro 10. Through the years I’ve used everything from Pro Tools to Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, but I’m by far the fastest as a mix engineer and producer in Cubase. I love it! My monitoring is done in a treated room through Eve Audio monitors, an Avantone MixCube and a range of cheap and more expensive headphones. I use a wide variety of plugins from the manufacturers below:

Gielstar mixing engineer producer


WOW. Giel brought a new light to my song unlike anything I could have thought of. He brings a new take to your song and will give you EXACTLY what YOU want at the end of the day. He offered great insight to what he thought would make the mix sound better and was an absolute blessing to work with. 100% Recommend to anyone who needs their song to come alive!
Nick Nord - The Sno Band
Producer, Song Writer, Instrumentalist and Sound Engineer
Giel composed and produced a jingle for our company in different versions. Every version was so different but completely vibed with what we stand for. He even let us sing! So great that someone can translate our energy into music. We’re looking forward to new projects with him!
Marjon Huibers
Wow, I'm really impressed with your Little Empire remix! Can't wait to hear what else you are going to do.
Gielstar mix engineer mixing producer composer
Warren Huart
We were looking for a mix engineer and were lucky to find Gielstar. Giel made our music sound so much better. The price was right, and delivery was fast and in fact way before our deadline. We won't hesitate to contact him again!
Gielstar mix engineer mixing producer composer
Raphaela Danksagmüller

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You say your services are affordable, but what does it really cost?

A: It depends on the amount of songs in the project and the complexity.  Depending on your budget we can work out a price that makes sense. For single songs I have a fixed base price. Please contact me to get a quote!

Q: How and when do I pay?

A: All payments are done through Paypal, after you’ve approved the mix(es). When payments have gone through I will send you the high-resolution files. 

Q Do you require a deposit?

A:  I ask a deposit of half of the agreed fee. I start to work when the first payment has been received.   

Q: Why do you want to Facetime / Whatsapp / Skype?

A: I like working with people. I find that getting to know them greatly improves the working process and the end results of the mix. 

Q: What files will you deliver?

A: I will deliver high resolution files in any format needed of the full mix. 

Q: Do you deliver stems?

A: If you need them, sure.

Q: Do you deliver your project file?

A: No. There’s secret stuff in there.

Q: Do I send you a rough mix?

A: Please do, especially if you’ve been listening to it for a long time. Let me know what you like about it and what you don’t. I might want to go in a different direction, but if there are essential elements for you in the rough mix I will absolutely respect them. 

Q: How should my tracks be labeled?

A: You can imagine it’s a bit hard to make sense of 50+ tracks that are labeled ‘Audio01’, ‘Audio02’, etc. Please label everything clearly so that a bass is a bass, and a guitar is a guitar, etc. If you recorded live drums, clearly label the overhead and instrument microphones.

Q: Do you need DI-tracks of guitar and bass?

A: I love DI-tracks. Especially bass. Also I might want to re-amp or use an amp simulator on the guitar parts if necessary. If you can, always record a clean DI track along with any mic-ed up amps. 

Q: How should I export my session?

A: First, take off all the processing you may have done. So no EQ, compression or reverb / delays. If there are effects that are important to you, include a dry version and a version with effects of those tracks. Please make sure you export CONSOLIDATED tracks so that all tracks start at the same moment. Check your DAW’s manual on how to do this.

Q: How do I send my tracks to you?

A: Best practice is the compress them into a zip-file and use a service like WeTransfer to send them to me.

Q: How much does mastering cost?

A: You should reserve around 80-100 dollars per song for mastering. Though it is tempting to find outside cheaper options, it’s very easy for inexperienced or low budget-engineers to ruin a mix through bad processing. If you want the best for your song, you should not skimp on mastering costs. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way. 

Q: How do you like your coffee?

A: Preferably hot, in a big mug, with some of that hipster oatmilk. Hell yeah!